The US Secretary Of State Issued A Statement On The Arrest And Forced Closure Of Senior Officials Of Hong Kong’s “Stance News”

U.S Secretary of State Blincoln issued a statement on Wednesday (December 29) evening Eastern Time (Thursday morning in China) on the arrest of high-level news personnel of Hong Kong’s online media stance News and the forcible closure of this stance news (Hong Kong’s “Stance News”).

In a statement by him, it is said that the Hong Kong government has searched and arrested the senior with the position news on 29 December, which will force the remaining few independent and independent media based in Hong Kong to cease operations. News reports are not incitement. We call on The authorities of the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong to stop their attacks on Hong Kong’s free and independent media and immediately release those journalists and media executives. The detention and accusations against them are unfair.”

 Hong Kong's "Stance News"
Hong Kong’s “Stance News”

The statement by him further states that freedom of expression including freedom of media and right to access information provided by free media is very important for the prosperity and security of society. These freedoms have allowed Hong Kong to become a global financial, trade, educational, and cultural center. Prosperity. The People’s Republic of China and local authorities forced the free media to silence, fundamentally damaging Hong Kong’s credibility and vitality. A confident government that is not afraid of the truth welcomes freedom of the press.”

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On Wednesday morning Hong Kong time (Tuesday evening, US Eastern Time), officers from the National Security Office of the Hong Kong Police raided the website’s office, frozen its assets, and arrested six former and current senior officials on suspicion of “conspiracy to publish seditious publications.” Position News decided to cease operations immediately.

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