North Korea Nuclear Threat Grows, U.S. Envoy Arrives In Seoul To Plot Countermeasures

Kim Sung, the U.S. special envoy for North Korea, arrived in Seoul, the South Korean capital, on Monday (April 18, 2022) and started several addresses with applicable South Korean officers to find a common countermeasure against Pyongyang’s nonstop bullet tests and a possible resumption of nuclear tests.

At the same time, the United States and South Korea are holding periodic common military exercises as planned, but in order not to stimulate Pyongyang and help the spread of the new crown epidemic, this military exercise will again concentrate on computer simulations and won’t involve marshaling colors for field drills.
Kim Sung told the media when he arrived in Seoul that he was still willing to hold addresses with North Korea at any time and without preconditions. Pyongyang has constantly refused to negotiate with Washington, saying theU.S. still implements a hostile policy, including maintaining warrants and continuing military exercises.

North Korea Nuclear Threat Grows
A day before, North Korea said it had just conducted a test of a bullet designed to carry a political nuclear warhead, saying the armament had”significantly increased the power of long-range ordnance on the frontal line.”
In early April, Pyongyang authorities advised that if it went to war with South Korea, North Korea would use its nuclear munitions beforehand in the war to destroy the opponent’s will to fight.

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Before, South Korean Defense Minister Xu Xu formerly said that the South Korean service is always on alert. Once egregious signs of bullet attacks from the north are planted, South Korea has the capability to precisely strike the source of the attack and its logistics and command departments. He said that the South Korean army presently has a large number of colorful dumdums with greatly increased range, delicacy, and power,” which can snappily and directly strike all targets in North Korea.”
South Korean President-elect Yoon Seok-Yue, who’ll take office coming month, also said that if North Korea seems to have to Get ready for an imminent attack, South Korea may make the apre-emptive strike. He also said he’d consider buying further THAADanti-missile systems from the United States and strengthening alliances with the United States.

According to South Korean media, Kim Sung is anticipated to meet with Yoon Seok-work’s successor platoon during the visit

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