North Korea Said It Launched A Hypersonic Missile On Wednesday

North Korea claimed on Thursday (January 6, 2022) that the missile launched a day ago was a hypersonic missile and was successful. This is the second time that Pyongyang authorities have reported that they have tested a hypersonic missile.

The official KCNA said that the missile launched on Wednesday flew 700 kilometers, confirmed the reliability of the fuel system, and accurately hit the target. KCNA stated that the continuous successful test firing of hypersonic missiles is of strategic significance for accelerating the modernization of weapons.

North Korea announced for the first time last year that it had conducted a test-fire of a new type of hypersonic weapon on September 28.

North Korea Said It Launched A Hypersonic Missile
North Korea Said It Launched A Hypersonic Missile

The US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement on Wednesday that it was aware of North Korea’s “ballistic missile launches” that day, and was in close consultation with allies and partners regarding the developments.

US Secretary of State Blincoln is scheduled to hold a two-plus-two meeting with Secretary of Defense Austin and the Japanese Foreign Minister and Defense Secretary on Thursday. Topics to be discussed include addressing the challenges of North Korea and China. After North Korea carried out the latest missile test, Brinken spoke with Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng ahead of time on Wednesday. A press release issued by the State Department stated that Brinken condemned North Korea for launching ballistic missiles during the call and emphasized the firm commitment of the United States to defend Japan.

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According to a number of resolutions passed by the UN Security Council, North Korea is not allowed to conduct any ballistic missile activities, including short-range or long-range missile test launches.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin was asked at a press conference Wednesday that North Korea did not criticize Pyongyang when it fired another missile. He said that he had noticed reports on missile test launches.

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