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“Universal Vaccine” Is Feasible And Imminent “New Crown” Will Eventually Become “Endemic”

The top medical experts in the United States have called for the development of a universal vaccine against future variant strains of the new coronavirus is imminent. Health and safety experts say that it is not only feasible to develop a “universal vaccine” against coronavirus, but it will also be of great benefit to the prevention of other coronavirus diseases.

Friends, President Biden’s medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fuchs, and two other medical experts from the National Institute of Energy and Infectious Diseases jointly wrote an article in the New England Journal of Medicine on December 15 last year in which they said that the new coronavirus aka The Omicron virus has no chance of being eradicated and that new vaccines are very limited in their ability to prevent new forms of the virus, and in addition, in that article, he also wrote that future variants of the coronavirus may be found in animals. And due to which there will be a possibility of a very big epidemic coming in the future.

They believe that in order to overcome these problems, the research community should “go all out” to develop a “second-generation” new coronavirus vaccine that targets the entire genetic spectrum of the coronavirus.

Universal Vaccine

The Usefulness of the ” universal vaccine “

In early November last year, the US media reported that doctors at the University of Virginia Health System were working hard to develop a “universal vaccine” that can deal with various variants of the new coronavirus.

According to scientists at the University of Virginia Medical Center who participated in the study, the new vaccine they developed can provide protection against existing and future mutant strains of the new coronavirus and other coronaviruses, and the cost per dose is only about one dollar.

The scientists who developed this vaccine tested potential vaccines by infecting pigs with a live cousin of the new coronavirus (SARS-CO-V2), and these vaccines have proven effective in experiments and research.

Dr. Steven L. Zeichner (Steven L. Zeichner) of the University of Virginia Medical Center said in an interview with the CBS local television station that the new vaccine they developed targeted an area of the virus where the virus has already shown that it will not mutate. Friends, this means that the one we are going to develop could be an anti-mutation vaccine or even a universal coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Cai Sina and his team have identified an area on the virus in which the genetic code has not changed during the mutation process. It is called a fusion peptide, which allows the virus to fuse with the surface of human host cells. It may become a fatal crack in the armor of the new crown virus.

At the same time, according to the US defense news website Defense One (Defense One) reported in December last year, researchers at the US military’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center had It has also been developing a vaccine that can protect against all new coronaviruses, and it is believed that a vaccine that will be effective against all new coronaviruses including the omicron variant virus will soon be launched.

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Although the medical community has frequently reported exciting results in the development of a “universal vaccine” for the new coronavirus, the answer people want to know is: how likely is this universal vaccine.

The medical experts interviewed by VOA believe that the development of a universal vaccine that can prevent all variant strains of the coronavirus will become a very important method to control the new coronavirus epidemic, and the efforts to develop a universal vaccine are very feasible.

Dr. Laura H. Kahn, MD, co-founder and policy researcher of the One Health Initiative, told VOA that although the new coronavirus will continue to exist like the flu virus Go on; but fortunately, the weakness of the virus itself provides the possibility for the research and development of a universal virus.

Friends, because this is only part of the spike protein that has been modified and other parts of the virus have not changed much, right now that truth of the virus is not likely to change, it can become the target of universal Dr. Khan says |

Dr. Adalia said: “Sars disease (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are still threats to human health; therefore if there is a vaccine that can eliminate these virus threats, it will be very welcome. Things. The current technology to achieve this goal is feasible, and the early data looks good.”

Will covid-19 eventually become an endemic pandemic?

Friends, currently more and more doctors and scientists believe that the new coronavirus disease will become a disease that will live with humans for a long time and eventually become an endemic like influenza under specific conditions and where there is too much crowd or This disease will keep coming again and again in the specific area where a fair is held or more people gather.

Let me tell you that scientists generally predict that the new coronavirus, which is the card of the current pandemic, will spread indefinitely and the number of cases will gradually become less and more predictable. This new coronavirus will become like other viruses that humans will learn to deal with, although it is not yet clear whether the new coronavirus will pose a greater health risk than other local respiratory viruses.

In short, the general consensus among medical scientists is: Although the new crown virus cannot be completely eliminated, the global pandemic of the new crown virus epidemic will eventually end, and the new crown virus disease will go out of the pandemic stage and enter the endemic stage. The endemic epidemic means that the virus will continue to spread for many years in part of the global population, but its prevalence and impact will drop to a relatively controllable level. Therefore, it is more like flu in the end, rather than a major disease worldwide.

Eleanor Murray, an epidemiologist at Boston University in the United States, explained in an interview with Vox Media News (VOX) that a disease is classified as an “endemic” and that the The infection rate of the disease must be basically stabilized to some extent within a few years, instead of the unexpected large-scale global surge like the current new coronavirus pandemic.

“If the reproductive number of a disease is stable at 1, the disease can be called an endemic epidemic. This means that, on average, an infected person will only infect another person. “Murray said.

As early as last fall when the delta mutant strain began to appear, some public health experts said that they believed that the delta mutant strain might be the last serious blow of the new crown epidemic. The new crown virus disease is expected to become endemic in 2022. Epidemic.

However, with the emergence of omicron strains, this prospect seems more uncertain. When will the global pandemic of the new crown epidemic become a controllable and curable endemic epidemic? If it is not 2022, then it will be 2023 or 2024?

Dr. Adalia, a health and safety expert at Johns Hopkins University, told VOA: “I think many countries in the world, especially developed countries, will reach epidemics only in states or provinces before the end of 2022. ,” The time period of the new coronavirus in other countries will be longer.

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